Matthew Barnhart

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BACKGROUND There is a significant increase in survival for HIV-infected children who have early access to diagnosis and treatment. The goal of this multi-country review was to examine when and where HIV-exposed infants and children are being diagnosed, and whether the EID service is being maximally utilized to improve health outcomes for HIV-exposed(More)
New antiretrovirals (ARVs), particularly the potentially ''game-changing'' ARV dolutegravir, offer major potential to meet the compelling need for simpler and better HIV treatment for tens of millions of people in the coming decade. Advantages include substantially lower manufacturing cost, fewer side effects, and less risk of resistance. But key obstacles(More)
a Drugs that are inexpensive to manufacture and simple to administer greatly expand the potential to help tens of millions of people who need treatment for chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. Key program implementation challenges include identifying who would benefit from antiviral medication and ensuring long-term and consistent treatment to people(More)
INTRODUCTION In planning for the introduction of vaginal microbicides and other new antiretroviral (ARV)-based prevention products for women, an in-depth understanding of potential end-users will be critically important to inform strategies to optimize uptake and long-term adherence. User-centred private sector companies have contributed to the successful(More)
Education. The project provides technical assistance services to the Office of HIV/AIDS and USG country teams in knowledge management, technical leadership, program sustainability, strategic planning, and program implementation support. And finally, a special thanks to the United States Government colleagues who provided technical input, technical guidance,(More)
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