Matthew Barber

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The interactions of acid–base status, waste nitrogen excretion and metabolism in the gulf toadfish Opsanus beta, a ureogenic teleost, were examined by exposing toadfish to a variety of water treatments. Our measurements show that, like other marine teleosts, toadfish rapidly regulate acid–base status by manipulating blood [HCO3 Ϫ ]. Several treatments(More)
This study aimed to investigate lymphedema prevalence using three different measurement/diagnostic criterion combinations and explore the relationship between lymphedema and quality of life for each, to provide evaluation of rehabilitation. Cross-sectional data from 617 women attending review appointments after completing surgery, chemotherapy, and(More)
Foetal programming is an emerging concept that links environmental conditions during foetal development with a variety of adult diseases, including obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes (1). The scope of this hypothesis has been broadened in recent years to include the theory that foetal exposure to maternal stress can influence the development of(More)
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