Matthew Ballard

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OBJECTIVE To establish whether people exposed to drinking water contaminated with 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate in the Camelford area of Cornwall in the south west of England in July 1988 had suffered organic brain damage as opposed to psychological trauma only. DESIGN Retrospective study of affected people. PARTICIPANTS 55 affected people and 15(More)
Effects of externally imposed periodic changes in the environment on population dynamics are studied with the help of a simple model. The environmental changes are represented by the temporal and spatial dependence of the competition terms in a standard equation of evolution. Possible applications of the analysis are on the one hand to bacteria in Petri(More)
In this paper, we introduce the interested reader to homological mirror symmetry. After recalling a little background knowledge, we tackle the simplest cases of homological mirror symmetry: curves of genus zero and one. We close by outlining the current state of the field and mentioning what homological mirror symmetry has to say about other aspects of(More)
This experiment was conducted to establish the influence of porcine somatotropin on tissue distribution and deposition rates of amino acids in growing pigs. Barrows were treated daily with buffer or porcine somatotropin (100 micrograms/kg body wt) when they weighed between 30 and 64 kg (eight pigs/group). Pigs were restrictively fed so that the average food(More)
Most microorganisms use hair-like cilia with asymmetric beating to perform vital bio-physical processes. In this paper, we demonstrate a novel fabrication method for creating magnetic artificial cilia capable of such a biologically inspired asymmetric beating pattern essential for inducing microfluidic transport at low Reynolds number. The cilia are(More)
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