Matthew B. Squire

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Given a graph G, the acyclic orientation graph of G, denoted AO(G), is the graph whose vertices are the acyclic orientations of G, and two acyclic orientations are joined by an edge in AO(G) iff they differ by the reversal of a single edge. A hamilton cycle in AO(G) gives a Gray code listing of the acyclic orientations of G. We prove that for certain graphs(More)
For any q ≥ 2, let Σ q = {0,. .. , q−1}, and fix a string A over Σ q. The A-free strings of length n are the strings in Σ n q which do not contain A as a contiguous substring. In this paper, we investigate the possibility of listing the A-free strings of length n so that successive strings differ in only one position, and by ±1 in that position. Such a(More)
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