Matthew B Hadfield

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BACKGROUND The use of surface coils for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows enhanced image definition and so potentially more accurate staging of colorectal cancer. Endorectal coil imaging is invasive, operator dependent and impossible in a high proportion of patients due to rectal stricture. The phased-array pelvic coil, however, is non-invasive and(More)
BACKGROUND Artificial neural networks are computer programs that can be used to discover complex relations within data sets. They permit the recognition of patterns in complex biological data sets that cannot be detected with conventional linear statistical analysis. One such complex problem is the prediction of outcome for individual patients treated for(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute appendicitis commonly presents as an acute abdomen. Cases of acute appendicitis caused by blunt abdominal trauma are rare. We present a systematic review of appendicitis following blunt abdominal trauma. The aim of this review was to collate and report the clinical presentations and experience of such cases. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A(More)
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