Matthew A Toczko

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Lupanine 17-hydroxylase, the first enzyme in the pathway for bacterial degradation of the alkaloid, lupanine, was purified from a Pseudomonas sp. The enzyme acts by initial dehydrogenation of the substrate, and cytochrome c was used as electron acceptor in assays. It had an Mr of 66,000 by ultracentrifuge studies and 74,000 by gel filtration. The visible(More)
A robust convergent synthesis of the prodrugs of HCV replicase inhibitors 1-5 is described. The central 5H-imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazine core was formed from acid-catalyzed cyclocondensation of an imidazole-4,5-dicarbaldehyde (20) and a α-hydrazino ester, generated in situ from the bis-BOC-protected precursors 25 and 33. The acidic conditions not only released(More)
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