Matthew A Robinson

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Drawing from minority stress (Meyer, 2003) and feminist multicultural (Brown, 1994) theories, the present study investigated the additive and interactive relations between 2 types of external minority stress (heterosexist discrimination and racist events) and 4 internal stress processes related to identifying as a South Asian American lesbian, gay,(More)
OBJECTIVES The History, Electrocardiography, Age, Risk factors, Troponin (HEART) score enables rapid risk stratification of emergency department patients presenting with chest pain. However, the subjectivity in scoring introduced by the history component has been criticized by some clinicians. We examined the association of 3 objective scoring models with(More)
In prior research with primarily heterosexual religious and spiritual individuals, positive and negative forms of religious coping have been posited to moderate the links between minority stressors and psychological outcomes (Kim, Kendall, & Webb, 2015; Szymanski & Obiri, 2011). With a sample of 143 sexual minority people, the present study extended these(More)
The present study describes the development and psychometric evaluation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Affiliate Stigma Measure (LGB-ASM). Existing qualitative research and feedback from experts in stigma research contributed to the development of 48 items that were subjected to psychometric evaluation resulting in the final 17-item measure. Exploratory(More)
This study investigated parent's perception of family relationships in 87 parents from 48 families during the terminal illness and first year following a child's death from cancer. Using the Family Relationships Index, parents' perception of family relationships were compared: (a) to normative data and (b) between home and hospital terminal care. Data(More)
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