Matthew A. Pugh

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Transferrin accumulates within neurons of the developing nervous system of humans, sheep, pigs and chickens. To assess the relationship of this accumulation with the ontogeny of oxidative metabolism, we studied the immunocytochemical localization of transferrin (Tf) and the mitochondrial form of malate dehydrogenase (mMDH) in developing neural tissues by(More)
Transferrin is one of several serum proteins localized within neurons during development of the nervous system. The expression of transferrin receptors appears to precede the active accumulation of transferrin by neurons. The first cells immunoreactive for transferrin appear adjacent to the ventricles or to the central canal of the spinal cord. These cells(More)
OBJECTIVES Although empathy is considered by many to be fundamental to psychotherapeutic practice, little is known about how working with an interpreter may affect empathy in clinical work. Accordingly, the present study aims to provide an exploration of mental health professionals' experiences of empathy in clinical work with an interpreter. DESIGN A(More)
OBJECTIVE Internal "anorexic voices" are commonly described by individuals with eating disorders. This study examines whether the perceived power and nature of that voice are related to eating pathology in anorexia nervosa. METHOD Sixty-three women and one man with an ICD-10 diagnosis of anorexia nervosa participated in this study (mean age = 27.3 years;(More)
Evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for the eating disorders has an early focus on behavioural changes around food intake. However, patients' anxiety around such change might account for why they often seem unmotivated in treatment. In order to determine the impact of changing intake, this pilot study of patients with bulimic disorders (N =(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the oestrogen concentrations and symptom relief obtained with 25 mg oestradiol implants. DESIGN Open, observational study. SUBJECTS Twelve symptomatic, post-menopausal women seen in a designated menopause clinic. INTERVENTION A 25 mg oestradiol pellet was inserted subcutaneously, blood samples were obtained before implantation and(More)
Whilst cognitive-behavioural therapy has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of eating disorders, therapy outcomes and current conceptualizations still remain inadequate. In light of these shortcomings there has been growing interest in the utility of schema therapy applied to eating pathology. The present article first provides a narrative review of(More)