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The regulatory pathways involved in the rapid response of the AP-1 transcription factor, c-fos, to mechanical load in human primary osteoblast-like (HOB) cells and the human MG-63 bone cell line were investigated using a four-point bending model. HOB and MG-63 cells showed upregulation of c-fos expression on fibronectin and collagen type I substrates;(More)
There is a spectrum/continuum of adult human wound healing outcomes ranging from the enhanced (nearly scarless) healing observed in oral mucosa to scarring within skin and the nonhealing of chronic skin wounds. Central to these outcomes is the role of the fibroblast. Global gene expression profiling utilizing microarrays is starting to give insight into the(More)
Profoundly deaf subjects were given information about sound level in their environment by means of a body-worn unit coupled to a small vibrator worn on the finger. Results of trials on 19 adults are discussed. The Tactile Acoustic Monitor was found to be useful for identifying domestic sounds by means of their distinctive timing patterns. No significant(More)
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