Matthew A Peake

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Profoundly deaf subjects were given information about sound level in their environment by means of a body-worn unit coupled to a small vibrator worn on the finger. Results of trials on 19 adults are discussed. The Tactile Acoustic Monitor was found to be useful for identifying domestic sounds by means of their distinctive timing patterns. No significant(More)
The regulatory pathways involved in the rapid response of the AP-1 transcription factor, c-fos, to mechanical load in human primary osteoblast-like (HOB) cells and the human MG-63 bone cell line were investigated using a four-point bending model. HOB and MG-63 cells showed upregulation of c-fos expression on fibronectin and collagen type I substrates;(More)
Wound healing within the oral mucosa results in minimal scar formation compared with wounds within the skin. We have recently demonstrated distinct differences in the aging profiles of cells (oral mucosal and patient-matched skin fibroblasts) isolated from these tissues. We hypothesized that the increased replicative potential of oral mucosal fibroblasts(More)
There is a spectrum/continuum of adult human wound healing outcomes ranging from the enhanced (nearly scarless) healing observed in oral mucosa to scarring within skin and the nonhealing of chronic skin wounds. Central to these outcomes is the role of the fibroblast. Global gene expression profiling utilizing microarrays is starting to give insight into the(More)
Oral mucosal wound-healing is characterized by rapid re-epithelialization and remodeling, with minimal scar formation. This may be attributed to the distinct phenotypic characteristics of the resident fibroblasts. To test this hypothesis, we investigated patient-matched oral mucosal and skin fibroblasts. Compared with skin fibroblasts, oral mucosal(More)
Preliminary analysis of the mechanisms involved in induction of stretch-mediated transcriptional activity in the c-fos promoter of bone has been undertaken using a series of c-fos promoter-reporter constructs. UMR-106 osteoblastic cells transfected with reporter constructs were subjected to cyclical physiological loading. The major determinants in the(More)
Peake, M. A., L. M. Cooling, J. L. Magnay, P. B. M. Thomas, and A. J. El Haj. Selected Contribution: Regulatory pathways involved in mechanical induction of c-fos gene expression in bone cells. J Appl Physiol 89: 2498–2507, 2000.—The regulatory pathways involved in the rapid response of the AP-1 transcription factor, c-fos, to mechanical load in human(More)
The role of ecdysteroids in modulating exoskeletal growth during the moult cycle of Crustacea has been well described. However, little is known about the action of ecdysteroids at the level of gene transcription and regulation in Crustacea. This paper reports the cloning of an ecdysteroid responsive gene, HHR3, a potential Manduca sexta MHR3 homologue in(More)
In this chapter a review of animal model systems already being utilized to study normal and pathologic wound healing is provided. We also go into details on alternatives for animal wound model systems. The case is made for limitations in the various approaches. We also discuss the benefits/limitations of in vitro/ex vivo systems bringing everything up to(More)
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