Matthew A. Levy

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Agitation, restlessness, and aggression are frequent neurobehavioural sequelae in the early stages of recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI). These behavioural symptoms disrupt patient care and impede rehabilitation efforts. We review the current literature (1985 onwards) examining the pharmacological management of post-TBI agitation in both acute and(More)
Yes, the lucky 13th column is here, and it is a guest column written by J. Goldsmith, M. Levy, and M. Mundhenk on the topic of limited nondeterminism---classes and hierarchies derived when nondeterminism itself is viewed as a quantifiable resource (as it indeed is!).Coming up in the Complexity Theory Column in the very special 100th issue of <i>SIGACT(More)
Nondeterminism is typically used as an inherent part of the computational models used in computational complexity. However, much work has been done looking at nondeterminism as a separate resource added to deterministic machines. This survey examines several different approaches to limiting the amount of nondeterminism, including Kintala and Fischer's β(More)
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