Matthew A. Estrada

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— Dynamic surface grasping is applicable to landing of micro air vehicles (MAVs) and to grappling objects in space. In both applications, the grasper must absorb the kinetic energy of a moving object and provide secure attachment to a surface using, for example, gecko-inspired directional adhesives. Functional principles of dynamic surface grasping are(More)
— Perching allows Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) avoid the power costs and electrical and acoustic noise of sustained flight, for long-term surveillance and reconnaissance applications. This paper presents a dynamic model that clarifies the requirements for repeatable perching on walls and ceilings using an opposed-grip mechanism and dry adhesive technology.(More)
— We present a robot capable of both (1) dynamically perching onto smooth, flat surfaces from a ballistic trajectory and (2) successfully transitioning to a climbing gait. Merging these two modes of movement is achieved via a mechanism utilizing an opposed grip with directional adhesives. Critical design considerations include (a) climbing mechanism weight(More)
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