Matthew A Cross

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This work reports a new method for calculating the external dose-rate as a function of height above land that has been contaminated with a surface deposition of (137)Cs. Unlike previous work this method accounts for vertical migration of (137)Cs using the Advection Dispersion Equation (ADE) with appropriate parameters. The results have been successfully(More)
Atmospheric nuclear weapons explosions and large-scale nuclear accidents may contaminate large areas of land with the long-lived radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr. The mobility and bioavailability of these radionuclides in the environment is dependent primarily on soil characteristics and changes significantly over time after fallout (1-4). Radioisotope(More)
The mobility of radiostrontium within the Arctic environment and surrounding area has been studied by analysing the mobility of 90Sr in river catchments that are within Finland. The environmental mobility of 90Sr deposited by both nuclear weapons testing and the Chernobyl accident has been investigated in five Finnish river catchments. Different models(More)
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