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Health care reform efforts highlighted the continuing scarcity of mental health services for the rural poor. Most mental health services are provided in the general medical sector, a concept first described by Regier and colleagues in 1978 as the de facto mental health service system, rather than through formal mental health specialist services. The de(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the impact of an in-home screening and educational intervention on help seeking among rural impoverished individuals with untreated mental disorders. The effect of including a significant other in the intervention and reasons for not seeking help were explored. METHOD The sample was randomly selected from households in nine(More)
This paper provides a description of the attitudes of rural leaders toward mental health issues using data collected in two rural counties (one in Virginia and one in North Carolina). Study participants (N = 63) are individuals identified as leaders making a significant positive contribution to mental health issues in each county. While the counties were(More)
This article reports the results of a comprehensive study of predictors of factors influencing continuity of care for individuals discharged from state hospitals to communities. Continuity of care is defined and the predisposing, enabling and need factors are examined using a statewide database. The conceptual model is based on community support system(More)
In a study to determine differences in continuity of care for state hospital patients discharged to rural and urban areas, all community mental health centers in Virginia were asked to complete a brief questionnaire about each patient discharged to the centers in fiscal year 1992. Discharges to rural centers had significantly higher levels of continuity of(More)
This study aimed to detect health- and work-related predictors of poor and good work ability in teachers (TE) and office workers (OW). Work ability and its influence factors were analyzed in 100 female TE and 60 female OW aged between 25 and 60 years. The work ability was evaluated with the work ability index questionnaire and the health status with the(More)
The language interactions of pairs of preschool-age deaf and preschool-age hearing children were recorded in play sessions and analyzed according to a system for assessing dialogue that has been developed by the second author. In the system, each person over the course of a dialogue is seen as playing two roles: one as speaker-initiator (who puts forth(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to describe and report the initial validity of a newly developed structured interview for sleep disorders (Diagnostic Interview for Sleep Patterns and Disorders [DISP]) administered by trained lay interviewers. METHODS A total of 225 patients with various sleep disorders were recruited from two nationally recognized sleep centers in(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the predictors of successful community living in a sample of rural individuals with severe and persistent mental illness (N = 40). Multimeasure/multisource indicators of consumer status, care provider attitudes, and care provider support provision were employed to predict community adjustment as measured by(More)
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