Matthäus Schilcher

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The paper addresses current research issues in the field of interoperability of heterogeneous GI systems. Special emphasis is placed on heterogeneity at the level of conceptual data models. This problem is discussed in the context of cross-border web-based GIS applications which involve the combination of spatial data on the same type of real world objects(More)
SUMMARY The planning of road, railway, and subway tracks in urban environments is a manifold task because of complex legal, environmental, economic, and structural problems. However, skills and knowledge of the participants differ substantially and computer support for complex planning still is at its beginning. Especially computer-aided collaborative(More)
Most of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offered nowadays base on vector graphics processing. They can realize a series of functions and results with regard to theoretical considerations and practical requirements. Some important properties such as entity and attribute handling, organization of graphic primitives and objects with topological(More)
The standards developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) provide a broad foundation for web-based geographical applications. As one of these the OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE), which comprises standards for the consumerand provider-oriented sensor viewpoint, allows data requests of real-time sensor measurements and observations, abstracting from the(More)
Computer-aided collaborative and multi-scale 3D planning are challenges for complex railway and subway track infrastructure projects in the built environment. Many legal, economic, environmental, and structural requirements have to be taken into account. The stringent use of 3D models in the different phases of the planning process facilitates communication(More)
At Technische Universität München extensive official, forestal, climatological, touristical geodata and metadata on the unique ecosystem Bavarian Forest National Park were gathered since 1996 to set up a GIS-platform used for research projects as well as for education. To improve data availability of this precious datapool the GIS-platform has been(More)
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