Matthäus Ernstbrunner

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BACKGROUND This study investigated the cost-effectiveness of ultrasonographic-guided interscalene brachial plexus blockade (ISB) in comparison with general anaesthesia (GA) for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. METHODS Forty patients undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery received either an ultrasonographic-guided ISB or GA. ISB was performed outside the(More)
BACKGROUND Technically assisted assessment of volume status before surgery may be useful to direct intraoperative fluid administration. We therefore tested a recently developed whole-body bioimpedance spectroscopy device to determine pre- to postoperative fluid distribution. METHODS Using a three-compartment physiologic tissue model, the body composition(More)
INTRODUCTION Information about injuries and its differences in Cliff Diving (CD) and Splash Diving (SD) are unknown. It was the aim to analyse (1) injury rates, patterns and causes; (2) differences (in injuries) between both disciplines; and to (3) identify targets for future injury prevention interventions. METHODS From April to November 2013, 81 cliff(More)
The effects of intravenous fluid therapy on fluid compartments and hemodynamics of the human body remain enigmatic. We therefore tested the efficacy of bioimpedance spectroscopy in a crossover study, where 15 males received 0.5 ml/kg/min ELO-MEL-isoton (osmolarity = 302 mosmol/l) during 60 minutes, or nothing at all. In group "Fluid", fluid load increased(More)
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