Matteo Zago

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Since strictly related to balance and stability control, body center of mass (CoM) kinematics is a relevant quantity in sport surveys. Many methods have been proposed to estimate CoM displacement. Among them, segmental method appears to be suitable to investigate CoM kinematics in sport: human body is assumed as a system of rigid bodies, hence the(More)
Many conditions can compromise facial symmetry, resulting in an impairment of the affected person from both esthetic and functional points of view. For these reasons, a detailed, focused, and objective evaluation of facial asymmetry is needed, both for surgical planning and for treatment evaluation. In this study, we present a new quantitative method to(More)
The physical-performance profiles of subelite male footballers were monitored during 6 wk of a competitive season. The same squad of players played either 1 (1G, n = 15) or 2 (2G, n = 15) competitive matches per week. On weeks 0, 3, and 6, 48 h postmatch, players completed countermovement jump (CMJ), 10- and 20-m sprints, the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery(More)
Dribbling speed in soccer is considered critical to the outcome of the game and can assist in the talent identification process. However, little is known about the biomechanics of this skill. By means of a motion capture system, we aimed to quantitatively investigate the determinants of effective dribbling skill in a group of 10 Under-13 sub-elite players,(More)
Soccer kicking kinematics has received wide interest in literature. However, while the instep-kick has been broadly studied, only few researchers investigated the inside-of-the-foot kick, which is one of the most frequently performed techniques during games. In particular, little knowledge is available about differences in kinematics when kicking with the(More)
The primary energy consumption in residential buildings is determined by the envelope thermal characteristics, air change, outside climatic data, users’ behaviour and the adopted heating system and its control. The new Italian regulations strongly suggest the installation of centralized boilers in renovated buildings with more than four apartments. This(More)
Karate is a martial art that partly depends on subjective scoring of complex movements. Principal component analysis (PCA)-based methods can identify the fundamental synergies (principal movements) of motor system, providing a quantitative global analysis of technique. In this study, we aimed at describing the fundamental multi-joint synergies of a karate(More)
Sexual dimorphism is a crucial characteristic of skeleton. In the last years, volumetric and surface 3D acquisition systems have enabled anthropologists to assess surfaces and volumes, whose potential still needs to be verified. This article aimed at assessing volume and linear parameters of the first metatarsal bone through 3D acquisition by laser(More)
Functional impairments of facial expressions alter the quality of life and their quantitative analysis is key to describing and grading facial function and dysfunction. The aim of this investigation was to quantify 3D lip movements in a group of healthy young subjects. Lip movements during five repetitions of common and random sequences of vowels and(More)
OBJECTIVES To introduce an index (Masticatory Stability Index, MSI) to analyze the stability of chewing cycles in standardized conditions and test it in a group of patients with subclinical mild temporomandibular disorder (TMD). DESIGN 23 subjects with mild subacute TMD and 21 healthy subjects were involved; they all responded to a questionnaire about(More)