Matteo Vacchi

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A list of fish parasites (Digenea) from the coastal waters of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica) concerns 10 identified species, namely Macvicaria pennelli, Neolebouria terranovaensis, Helicometra pisanoae, Lepidapedon balgueriasi, L. garradi, Genolinea bowersi, Derogenes johnstoni, Gonocerca phycidis, Elytrophalloides oatesi, Lecithaster macrocotyle, 1(More)
A protocol for detecting hepatic micronuclei in fish was performed to check genotoxic damage, as an indicator of environmental hydrocarbons exposure, in relation to the "Haven" oil spill. As target fish, we have chosen three demersal species with different habitats and feeding behaviour (i.e., Lepidorhombus boscii, Merluccius merluccius and Mullus barbatus)(More)
The upper portion of the meadows of the protected Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica occurs in the region of the seafloor mostly affected by surf-related effects. Evaluation of its status is part of monitoring programs, but proper conclusions are difficult to draw due to the lack of definite reference conditions. Comparing the position of the meadow(More)
A database of published and new relative sea-level (RSL) data for the past 16 ka constrains the sea-level histories of the Pacific coast of central North America (southern British Columbia to central California). Our reevaluation of the stratigraphic context and radiocarbon age of sea-level indicators from geological and archaeological investigations yields(More)
From 2000 to 2015, tsunamis and storms killed more than 430,000 people worldwide and affected a further >530 million, with total damages exceeding US$970 billion. These alarming trends, underscored by the tragic events of the 2004 Indian Ocean catastrophe, have fueled increased worldwide demands for assessments of past, present, and future coastal risks.(More)
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