Matteo Vaccari

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We present a derivation of a regular language recognizing circuit originally developed by Foster and Kung 4]. We make use of point-free relation algebra, in a style combining elements from earlier work in the Eindhoven Mathematics of Program Construction group 0], and from Ruby 6]. First we derive non-systolic recognizers, much in the same way as functional(More)
(Affiliations are available in the online edition) ABSTRACT Emission at far-infrared wavelengths makes up a significant fraction of the total light detected from galaxies over the age of Universe. Herschel provides an opportunity for studying galaxies at the peak wavelength of their emission. Our aim is to provide a benchmark for models of galaxy population(More)
In upper middle age healthy subjects the functional cardiac reserve is known to be decreased (Port et al., 1980; Aubert et al., 1994). On the other hand regular physical exercise improves the cardiovascular function (Nishimura et al., 1980). The aim of this study was to establish whether regular physical exercise is associated with a significant change in(More)
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