Matteo Tanzini

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The future of working machines winks to semi autonomy and latest technological aids to improve the quality of operations as well as the easiness of specific tasks execution. This field can take great advantage of latest human-machine interface (HMI) technologies that has been applied in the last years in field like virtual environments and robotics. The(More)
This paper presents a new approach to improve the remote navigation of a teleoperated demolition machine. To improve navigation usability of the teleoperated system the following topics will be covered: obstacle avoidance, wall alignment, and machine optimal positioning for demolition operations. In order to enhance the ability of the operator to navigate(More)
A study on the employment of disabled people as forklift truck drivers for cargo handling operations is here presented. The work focused on the design of a customized forklift and the development of a novel lift machine as aid for people with paraplegia. Results of a market research about the usefulness of such a system is presented and a novel robotic(More)
Nowadays robotics educational platforms play an important role in the development and testing of new robotic technologies. These systems offer at low cost the possibility to access and experiment basic robot functionalities. In this paper, we examined the KUKA youBot: an omnidirectional mobile platform equipped with a five DOFs (Degrees of Freedom) robotic(More)
In the last decade, teleoperated hydraulic machines have become a reality in post-disaster scenarios. Although Human Machine Interaction technologies had huge advances, these technologies are not always applied successfully, especially in fields in which automation or semi-automation have difficulties to make their way, i.e. unstructured scenarios. This(More)
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