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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common disorder whose prevalence is increasing worldwide. In Italy the prevalence of CKD, especially the early stages, is still not exactly known. Our study examines the prevalence and trends in ten years (1200 subjects in 1998-1999 and 1200 subjects in 2008-2009) of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) in a(More)
To evaluate quantitative positioning errors of frameless stereotactic radiation therapy with a fusion of computed tomography (CT) and linear accelerator unit, Z-type CT markers were attached to patients, and CT images were obtained before and after daily treatment. In 40 verification tests, geometrical errors were never more than 1 mm.
To clarify the effect of atrial contraction on the dynamic behavior of mitral prosthetic valves, a mechanical mock circulatory system has been developed. It is able to simulate the inflow characteristics during diastole. The disc motions of Björk-Shiley Monostrut (BSM29) and CarboMedics (CM29) valves (both with an annulus diameter of 29 mm) were measured(More)
AIMS To date, whether hyperuricemia may represent a marker or an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease remains unclear. This study aimed at assessing the role of hyperuricemia in the onset of major cardiovascular events (MACE). METHODS Baseline clinical data were collected through a 1998/1999 longitudinal survey as part of the larger Valle(More)
AIM To examine trends of uncontrolled total serum cholesterol, treatment and control in a Mediterranean region (Campania). METHODS We considered and compared the data collected as part of "Montecorvino Rovella Project" 1988-1989 and cross-sectional data from the two phases of the "VIP Project-Valle dell'Irno Prevenzione": 1998-1999 (1(st) phase) and(More)
Since the introduction of high-performance prosthetic heart valves, particularly bileaflet valves and monoleaflet valves with larger opening angles, we have observed in vivo complex leaflet motion which has not been experimentally confirmed yet. We developed a computer-controlled hydraulic mock circulator to study the motion of in vivo leaflets. A high(More)
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