Matteo Simoncini

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BACKGROUND B cells (BC) play a critical role in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). BC depletion therapy still remains an attractive option, despite the disappointing results of randomized controlled trials (RTCs). METHODS Twelve patients with SLE [3 males, mean age 43.8 yrs (25-55)] with severe multiorgan involvement all including kidney (3 patients with(More)
In this work we present an instrumented smart knee prosthesis for in-vivo measurement of forces and kinematics. Studying the constraints, we designed minimal sensory systems to be placed in the polyethylene part of the prosthesis. The magnetic sensors and a permanent magnet are chosen and configured to measure the relative kinematics of the prosthesis.(More)
In this work, we present the general concept of an instrumented smart knee prosthesis for in-vivo measurement of forces and kinematics. This system can be used for early monitoring of the patient after implantation and prevent possible damage to the prosthesis. The diagnosis of defects can be done by detecting the load imbalance or abnormal forces and(More)
Inferring the type of vehicles on a road is a fundamental task within several applications. Some recent works have exploited Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and used classification of GPS traces to tackle the problem. Existing approaches based on GPS data make use of GPS trajectories sampled at high frequency (about 1 sample per second), but GPS(More)
Large and complex infrastructures as industry plants and hospitals are vulnerable to natural, man-made disasters, and causality events. In this paper, we present a solution addressing the guiding personnel during maintenance and/or emergency conditions. The aim is to reduce the time needed to react and to cope with organization and maintenance support,(More)
Total knee arthroplasty is a widely performed surgical technique. Soft tissue force balancing during the operation relies strongly on the experience of the surgeon in equilibrating tension in the collateral ligaments. Little information on the forces in the implanted prosthesis is available during surgery and post-operative treatment. This paper presents(More)
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