Matteo Rossini

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It is now generally believed that subclinical coeliac disease is common in the general population. We have undertaken screening for this disorder in a school district in central Italy. Screening was divided into three levels: first, IgG and IgA antigliadin antibody (AGA) assay on capillary blood obtained by finger prick; second, AGA plus IgA anti-endomysium(More)
OBJECTIVE Budesonide MMX is a novel oral formulation of budesonide that uses Multi-Matrix System (MMX) technology to extend release to the colon. This study compared the efficacy of budesonide MMX with placebo in patients with active, mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis (UC). DESIGN Patients were randomised 1:1:1:1 to receive budesonide MMX 9 mg or 6 mg,(More)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of chronic ingestion of small amounts of gliadin on children with coeliac disease. A four week challenge was performed on 20 children who had been on a gluten free diet for mean (SD) 14 (3) months. They were given a daily dose of either 100 mg (group A, n = 10, mean age 4 (2) years) or 500 mg of gliadin (group B,(More)
UNLABELLED Metastases from other primary malignancies to the thyroid gland are clinically uncommon, far less frequent than any malignant primary neoplasm, mostly affecting elderly patients. Recent autopsy studies have shown that metastases to the tyroid is relatively common, with a prevalence of of 1,9-24%. We present a case of a man (72 years old) with(More)
Nowadays companies look more and more for improving their efficiency to excel in the market. At the same time, the competition has moved from firm level to whole supply chain level. Supply chain are very complex systems and lacks of coordination among their members leads to inefficiency. Supply chain planning task is to improve coordination among supply(More)
UNLABELLED We know the significance of adenomas about the risk of neoplastic transformation defined as adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Although the majority of adenomas removed are small, it is well recognized that the risk of malignant transformation increases with an increased adenoma size. The term "malignant polyp" refers to an adenoma that macroscopically(More)
Objectives: To report a case of idiopathic aortitis, presenting with chronic cough. Materials and Methods: The Authors describe the case of a 72-year-old man with dry cough, worsening fatigue, weight loss and elevated systemic inflammatory markers. Results: A PET-CT scan showed diffuse thickening of the thoracic aorta and confirmed the diagnosis of(More)
BACKGROUND During the last century the incidence of diverticular disease (DD), as well as the prevalence of colonic adenocarcinoma (ADK), recorded a marked increase in Western populations. In literature has been reported a higher incidence of sigmoid colon carcinoma associated with diverticular disease suggesting a possible sharing of risk factors and(More)