Matteo Rossi

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Specific protein-protein interactions are involved in a large number of cellular processes and are mainly mediated by structurally and functionally defined domains. Here we report that the nuclear phosphoprotein p73 can engage in a physical association with the Yes-associated protein (YAP). This association occurs under physiological conditions as shown by(More)
Lysyl hydroxylase (EC ) and glucosyltransferase (EC ) are enzymes involved in post-translational modifications during collagen biosynthesis. We reveal in this paper that the protein produced by the cDNA for human lysyl hydroxylase isoform 3 (LH3) has both lysyl hydroxylase and glucosyltransferase (GGT) activities. The other known lysyl hydroxylase isoforms,(More)
Most genes are members of a family. It is generally believed that a gene family derives from an ancestral gene by duplication and divergence. The tumor suppressor p53 was a striking exception to this established rule. However, two new p53 homologs, p63 and p73, have recently been described [1-6]. At the sequence level, p63 and p73 are more similar to each(More)
The increasing relevance of areas such as real-time and embedded systems, pervasive computing, hybrid systems control, and biological and social systems modeling is bringing a growing attention to the temporal aspects of computing, not only in the computer science domain, but also in more traditional fields of engineering. This article surveys various(More)
Constraint LTL over clocks is a variant of CLTL, an extension of linear-time temporal logic allowing atomic assertions in a concrete constraint system. Satisfiability of CLTL over clocks is here shown to be decidable by means of a reduction to a decidable Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) problem. The result is a complete Bounded Satisfiability Checking(More)
Real-time systems usually encompass parts that are best described by a continuous-time model, such as physical processes under control, together with other components that are more naturally formalized by a discrete-time model, such as digital computing modules. Describing such systems in a unified framework based on metric temporal logic requires to(More)
No previous study has evaluated systematically the relationship between metabolic syndrome (MetS) and prostate-related symptoms and signs in young infertile men. We studied 171 (36.5 ± 8.3-years-old) males of infertile couples. MetS was defined based on the National Cholesterol Education Program Third Adult Treatment Panel. All men underwent hormonal(More)
Macroautophagy (hereafter referred to as autophagy) is an evolutionarily conserved catabolic process necessary for normal recycling of cellular constituents and for appropriate response to cellular stress. Although several genes belonging to the core molecular machinery involved in autophagosome formation have been discovered, relatively little is known(More)
Model-driven engineering (MDE) often features quality assurance (QA) techniques to help developers creating software that meets reliability, efficiency, and safety requirements. In this paper, we consider the question of how quality-aware MDE should support data-intensive software systems. This is a difficult challenge, since existing models and QA(More)
Many extensions of Propositional Linear Temporal Logic (PLTL) are proposed with the goal of verifying infinite-state systems whose formulae may include arithmetic constraints belonging to a specific constraint system [3, 6]. Among these, CLTL (Counter LTL) extends Propositional LTL with future operators (PLTL) adding subformulae with Difference Logic (DL)(More)