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Comparative evaluation of 11 essential oils of different origin as functional antioxidants, antiradicals and antimicrobials in foods
Eleven essential oils, namely, Cananga odorata (Annonaceae), Cupressus sempervirens (Cupressaceae), Curcuma longa (Zingiberaceae), Cymbopogon citratus (Poaceae), Eucalyptus globulus (Myrtaceae),Expand
Composition and functional properties of the essential oil of amazonian basil, Ocimum micranthum Willd., Labiatae in comparison with commercial essential oils.
Labiatae essential oil showed a dose-dependent antifungal activity against pathogenic and food spoiling yeasts and a remarkable antioxidant capacity comparable to that of Trolox and vitamin E, and higher than the other essential oils. Expand
Herbal extracts, lichens and biomolecules as natural photo-protection alternatives to synthetic UV filters. A systematic review.
In this review, the papers appeared in the last 15years are evaluated and the most significant data is critically collected, to better understand the role of whole herbal extracts in exerting their photo protective activity. Expand
Chemical characterization and antioxidant activity of Amazonian (Ecuador) Caryodendron orinocense Karst. and Bactris gasipaes Kunth seed oils.
Nowadays, data concerning the composition of Caryodendron orinocense Karst. (Euphorbiaceae) and Bactris gasipaes Kunth (Arecaceae) seed oils are lacking. In light of this fact, in this paper fattyExpand
Larvicidal activity of Ocimum campechianum, Ocotea quixos and Piper aduncum essential oils against Aedes aegypti
The rapid and effective larvicidal activity of these three oils led us to consider these results to be promising, also considering the possibility of local cultivation of these plants in tropical and subtropical areas and the simple technology for their large-scale preparation and production. Expand
Inhibitory effect of Ocotea quixos (Lam.) Kosterm. and Piper aduncum L. essential oils from Ecuador on West Nile virus infection
The inhibitory effects of essential oils of Ocotea quixos (Lam.) Kosterm. Expand
Ilex guayusa: A systematic review of its Traditional Uses, Chemical Constituents, Biological Activities and Biotrade Opportunities
Ilex guayusa is an emblematic tree of the Ecuadorian Amazon region, widely used in folk medicine, ritual uses and household and industrial beverages. Despite the daily consumption only a few numberExpand
Guidelines for the Development of Herbal-Based Sunscreen
Sun protection is a complex topic, which involves various classes of compounds. The photoprotective effectiveness of a sunscreen involves many biological activities, such as ultraviolet (UV)Expand
Chemical fingerprinting and bioactivity of Amazonian Ecuador Croton lechleri Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) stem bark essential oil: A new functional food ingredient?
Abstract Croton lechleri essential oil has been obtained by steam distillation of fresh stem bark from Amazonian Ecuador adult plants (yield: 0.61 ml/kg [0.061%]; density: 1.01 g/ml), and thenExpand