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Echocardiography has the ability to noninvasively explore hemodynamic variables during pharmacologic or exercise stress test in patients with heart failure. In this review, we detail some important potential applications of stress echocardiography in patients with heart failure. In patients with coronary artery disease and chronic LV dysfunction, dobutamine(More)
We estimate a dynamic general equilibrium model of an open economy to measure the effects of alternative expansionary fiscal shocks on the trade balance in the euro area. We do find that expansionary fiscal shocks-both those on the expenditure and revenue side-induce a joint deterioration of the public sector balance and trade balance. The output(More)
We report the case of a 3-year-old girl affected by major thalassemia. She was treated with Deferasirox (DFR), an oral iron chelator, at the dosage of 33 mg/kg per day since the age of 2 years. During the following months, the child underwent three admissions for fever, vomiting, metabolic acidosis, increased azotemia and dehydration. One episode was(More)
We assess the impact of oil shocks on euro area macroeconomic variables by estimating with Bayesian methods a new-Keynesian small open economy model. Oil price are determined according to supply and demand conditions in the world oil market. We get the following results. First, the impact of an increase in the price of oil depends upon the underlying source(More)
Headache of muscle tension origin and/or with a muscle tension component is underlain by a high degree of head, neck, and face muscle contraction. Biofeedback EMG enables patients to check their muscle tension, and thus achieve complete decontraction. Reference is made to a series of 59 subjects divided in 4 groups in accordance with the number of sessions(More)
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