Matteo Pedercini

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System Dynamics (SD) is considered a causal modeling approach. Causality is a key and peculiar characteristic of SD: SD models are supposed to contain and represent only causal relationships. However, SD researchers are often not explicit about the notion of causality employed in their work, and there not seem to be a commonly adopted and clear definition(More)
National development planning is a decision process at the central government level that defines the strategic plan for a country’s long-term development. The System Dynamics Group at the University of Bergen in collaboration with Millennium Institute and the University of Iowa is developing an interactive learning environment for national development(More)
Developing coherent plans to achieve food and nutrition security is complicated by the multi-disciplinary, interconnected and complex nature of the food systems that must be managed. To support such a planning process in Senegal, we analyse the impact of alternative interventions targeting food security through an integrated socioeconomic-environmental(More)
At the University of Bergen in Norway, educating students to use computer models and to think systemically about social and economic problems began in the 1970s. The International Masters Program in System Dynamics was established in 1995, and a Ph.D. program began a few years later. Student enrolment doubled in 2010 with the establishment of the European(More)
The impact of the reform efforts of the 1990s, as well as the rapid process of globalization, all resulted in far reaching changes in the structure of the Jamaican economy. With these changes, the existing planning and economic models became increasingly limited in scope as they could not adequately reflect the new structural reality. In March 2006, the(More)
INTRODUCTION DDT is considered to be the most cost-effective insecticide for combating malaria. However, it is also the most environmentally persistent and can pose risks to human health when sprayed indoors. Therefore, the use of DDT for vector control remains controversial. METHODS In this paper we develop a computer-based simulation model to assess(More)
This study investigated an instructional strategy to improve learning a complex model in a system dynamics based learning environment. The instructional strategy required subjects to explore key variables by manipulating dynamic graphs. Design of the strategy was posited upon principles of reducing cognitive load, facilitating mental models, enhancing(More)
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