Matteo Grasso

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  • M A Grasso
  • 1995
Despite considerable advances in computer technology over the last 20 years, the keyboard and video display are still the principal means of entering and retrieving data. As the use of computers increases, however, the need for alternative ways of interacting with the computer grows as well. This demand was fueled by a need for an intuitive human-machine(More)
The object of this study was to determine the feasibility of using voice recognition technology to enable hands-free and eyes-free collection of data related to animal drug toxicology studies. Specifically, we developed and tested a prototype voice-driven data collection system for histopathology data using only voice input and computer-generated voice(More)
The successful operation of NATO missions requires effective and secure sharing of information among coalition partners and external organizations, while avoiding the disclosure of sensitive information to untrusted users. To resolve the conflict between confidentiality and availability, NATO is developing a new information sharing infrastructure, called(More)
The combination of push and pull information retrieval technology can benefit from collaborative information gathering schemes. In this paper we outline an approach that combines a pull technology (Knowledge Brokers) with a push technology (Knowledge Pump) in a community-based environment. Appropriate toolkits supporting synchronous collaboration on the(More)
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