Matteo Ghittorelli

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Ambipolar transistors typically suffer from large off-current inherently due to ambipolar conduction. Using a tri-gate transistor it is shown that it is possible to electrostatically switch ambipolar polymer transistors from ambipolar to unipolar mode. In unipolar mode, symmetric characteristics with an on/off current ratio of larger than 10(5) are(More)
Ambipolar organic electronics offer great potential for simple and low-cost fabrication of complementary logic circuits on large-area and mechanically flexible substrates. Ambipolar transistors are ideal candidates for the simple and low-cost development of complementary logic circuits since they can operate as n-type and p-type transistors. Nevertheless,(More)
Complementary organic electronics is a key enabling technology for the development of new applications including smart ubiquitous sensors, wearable electronics, and healthcare devices. High-performance, high-functionality and reliable complementary circuits require n- and p-type thin-film transistors with balanced characteristics. Recent advancements in(More)
Non-volatile memories-providing the information storage functionality-are crucial circuit components. Solution-processed organic ferroelectric memory diodes are the non-volatile memory candidate for flexible electronics, as witnessed by the industrial demonstration of a 1 kbit reconfigurable memory fabricated on a plastic foil. Further progress, however, is(More)
Three novel differential amplifier topologies using double gate a-IGZO TFTs on flexible substrate are presented in this paper. The designs exploit positive feedback and a load with self-biased top gate to achieve the highest static gain in single stage a-IGZO amplifiers reported to date. After fabrication, the three amplifiers exhibit respectively a static(More)
High-gain organic transistors are the key building blocks for the development of high-performance organic electronics, including high-sensitivity sensors, signal amplification in sensing systems and large-scale circuits. In this work, we analyze organic transistors based on the diffusion-driven charge-accumulation architecture. This class of organic(More)
A new unipolar differential logic (UDL) for the large-scale integration of amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O (aIGZO) digital circuits is proposed. Only single-threshold, single-gate, aIGZO thin-film transistors are required. The proposed UDL logic gates are very insensitive to the transistor parameters variations (i.e. threshold voltage, mobility, off-current,(More)
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