Matteo Gallet

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The antianginal activity of trimetazidine was evaluated in a double-blind, multicentric, drug-versus-placebo study. The 32 male patients who entered the study (mean age 59.5 years) were suffering from stable angina pectoris. The stability of angina was tested by two exercise tests performed at the beginning and at the end of a two-week preselection period(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic testing can determine those at risk for hereditary haemochromatosis (HH) caused by HFE mutations before the onset of symptoms. However, there is no optimum screening strategy, mainly owing to the variable penetrance in those who are homozygous for the HFE Cys282Tyr (C282Y) mutation. The objective of this study was to identify the majority(More)
From September 1985 to December 1986, 100 patients undergoing percutaneous placement of a transvenous "LGM" caval filter were included in a multicenter prospective trial. Peripheral venograms completed by pulmonary arteriography or scintigraphy were obtained for all patients. Eighty-five patients had experienced pulmonary embolism, 59 had iliocaval(More)
Designing mechanical devices, called linkages, that draw a given plane curve has been a topic that interested engineers and mathematicians for hundreds of years, and recently also computer scientists. Already in 1876, Kempe proposed a procedure for solving the problem in full generality, but his constructions tend to be extremely complicated. We provide a(More)
In order to evaluate the outcome of information given to patients included in a therapeutic trial after having signed a consent form, 77 patients (68 men, 9 women with an average age of 57.9 years) included in the IMPACT study (multicenter, randomised, double-blind protocol, the main objective of which was to assess the antiarrhythmic effect of oral(More)
Motivated by results on the mobility of mechanical devices called pentapods, this paper deals with a mathematically freestanding problem, which we call Möbius Photogrammetry. Unlike traditional photogrammetry, which tries to recover a set of points in three–dimensional space from a finite set of central projection, we consider the problem of reconstructing(More)
The complete classification of hexapods — also known as Stewart Gough platforms — of mobility one is still open. To tackle this problem, we can associate to each hexapod of mobility one an algebraic curve, called the configuration curve. In this paper we establish an upper bound for the degree of this curve, assuming the hexapod is general enough. Moreover,(More)