Matteo Fischer

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Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are characterized by a haematopoetic insufficiency that can lead to acute leukemia. A multistep pathogenesis caused by a clonal stem cell defect affecting several differentiation pathways has been proposed for MDS. Contrary to the better characterized alteration of lymphoid and myeloid differentiation, defects in(More)
The sulfatase from the snail Heli pomatia is widely used for analytical applications. We have investigated the content of sulfatases in H. pomatia, using a biochemical and a molecular approach. A 112-kDa protein from the intestinal juice of H. pomatia comigrated with sulfatase activity when chromatographed on Sephacryl S300 and concanavalin A-Sepharose. The(More)
Functionalized oligoribonucleotides are essential tools in RNA chemical biology. Various synthetic routes have been developed over recent years to conjugate functional groups to oligoribonucleotides. However, the presence of the functional group on the oligoribonucleotide backbone can lead to partial or total loss of biological function. The limited(More)
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