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Spatial autocorrelation and the analysis of invasion processes from distribution data: a study with the crayfish Procambarus clarkii
Complex spatial dynamics are frequent in invasive species; analyzing distribution patterns can help to understand the mechanisms driving invasions. We used different spatial regression techniques toExpand
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Early assessment of the impact of alien species: differential consequences of an invasive crayfish on adult and larval amphibians
Aim  Early assessment of the impact of invasive alien species is crucial to set up timely management, but often the impact is evident when it is too late for action. We evaluated relationshipsExpand
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Complex impact of an invasive crayfish on freshwater food webs
Invasive alien species can have complex effects on native ecosystems, and interact with multiple components of food webs, making it difficult a comprehensive quantification of their direct andExpand
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Assessing the consequences of biological invasions on species with complex life cycles: Impact of the alien crayfish Procambarus clarkii on Odonata
a b s t r a c t The temporal dimension is a key parameter when analysing the impact of invasive alien species. Studies on early invasion stages allow a better understanding of how ongoing processesExpand
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Odonata occurrence in caves: Active or accidentals? A new case study
Caves are environments that host unique faunas and may be important for organisms not exclusively dependent on caves. The occurrence of epigean taxa in caves is often considered accidental, but theirExpand
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Tutor: Fiorenza De Bernardi, Gentile Francesco Ficetola, Jurgen Ott ; Coordinatore: Andrea Tintori
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