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In the present work, the preparation and characterization of quasi-solid polymer electrolyte membranes based on methacrylic monomers and oligomers, with the addition of organic plasticizers and lithium salt, are described. Noticeable improvements in the mechanical properties by reinforcement with natural cellulose hand-sheets or nanoscale microfibrillated(More)
The Fluorescence Detector of the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory will provide a measurement of the parameters of Extended Air Showers in the range from 10 19 eV to 10 21 eV. An array of 20 × 22 PMT's is placed at the focal surface of a large-aperture telescope thus forming one of the 30 detector modules. The shape of the signal generated by each PMT is(More)
In this note we examine the change of the PMT pulse gain as a function of DC background current using an active divider and compare its behavior to the one obtained using a passive network. We show that the present version of the active divider results in: 1) constant gain over a large background current (rendering possible to operate the FD under the(More)
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