Matteo Della Torre

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Exhaustive odour impact assessment should involve the evaluation of the impact of odours directly on citizens. For this purpose it might be useful to have an instrument capable of continuously monitoring ambient air quality, detecting the presence of odours and also recognizing their provenance. This paper discusses the laboratory and field tests conducted(More)
We present a method to recognize the presence of lung cancer in individuals by classifying the olfactory signal acquired through an electronic nose based on an array of MOS sensors. We analyzed the breath of 101 persons, of which 58 as control and 43 suffering from different types of lung cancer (primary and not) at different stages. In order to find the(More)
We present a method to diagnose lung cancer by the analysis of breath using an electronic nose. This device can react to a gas substance by providing signals that can be analyzed to classify the input. It is composed of a sensor array (6 MOS sensors, in our case) and a pattern classification process based on machine learning techniques. During the first(More)
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