Matteo Del Giudice

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To optimize energy consumption, it is needed to monitor real-time data and simulate all energy flows. In a city district context, energy consumption data usually come from many sources and encoded in different formats. However, few models have been proposed to trace the energy behavior of city districts and handle related data. In this article, we introduce(More)
This paper presents an Internet-of-Things software infrastructure that enables energy management and simulation of new control policies in a city district. The proposed platform enables the interoperability and the correlation of (near-)real-time building energy profiles with environmental data from sensors as well as building and grid models. In a smart(More)
Following the Smart City views, citizens, policy makers and energy distribution companies need a reliable and scalable infrastructure to manage and analyse energy consumption data in a city district context. In order to move forward this view, a city district model is needed, which takes into account different datasources such as Building Information(More)
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