Matteo Cypriani

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Wireless network positioning is the main pillar of the continuity of rich and mobile multimedia applications. Good position accuracy is particularly difficult to obtain in urban or leafy areas and indoors or in mixed (both indoor and outdoor) environments. A system proposing such positioning must localize any mobile terminal accurately within hostile(More)
In this paper, we focus on building a monitored tool dedicated to the performance evaluation of indoor positioning systems. The idea is to develop an open software to measure WiFi signal strengths and to add the positioning strategy directly inside the positioning server. This way, the comparison of various positioning strategies inside the same environment(More)
Underground mining tunnels constitute a very particular environment for radio wave propagation – with characteristics of both indoor and outdoor “regular” environments. This paper shows how a general-purpose WiFi-based indoor positioning system, OwlPS (Owl Positioning System) was adapted to work in that particular environment. A series of experiments,(More)
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