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Subjects made a horizontal or vertical saccade in response to a non-lateralized auditory stimulus. Simple manual reaction time (RT) for the detection of light targets at extrafoveal locations was modulated by the intention to make the saccade insofar as RT to targets presented at the saccadic goal location or in the hemifield containing that location was(More)
Four patients with hemianopia from posterior cerebral artery infarction were tested for residual unconscious vision ('blindsight') in their anopic hemifield. One task tested for spatial summation between the normal and the abnormal hemifields. A second task tested for temporal interactions between the two hemifields. A third task required a manual(More)
Seventy-five left and right brain-damaged patients, with or without hemispatial neglect, and 40 age-matched control subjects were tested on cancellation tasks with two different visual textures modeled after Julesz (1981). In one condition ("preattentive"), target elements segregated easily from background elements and were perceived effortlessly. In the(More)
Three patients with a severe somatosensory deficit consequent on damage of the right somatosensory cortices were required, while blindfolded, to point with their insensate thumb to select positions on the other left fingers. Given the absence of feedback, the motor performance of the insensate thumb appeared grossly impaired in all patients. However, all(More)
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