Matteo Cattadori

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During 1994 net sediment-water fluxes of oxygen, ammonium and inorganic phosphorus as well as sediment profiles of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and iron were determined in three shallow eutrophic environments. Investigations were conducted monthly from March to December at five stations in the Sacca di Goro (Po River Delta, Italy). In the late(More)
Restriction enzyme analysis of the variable tandem repetition (VTR) region of the human HRAS1 oncogene revealed two TaqI polymorphisms. The first polymorphism overlaps that detected with MspI/HpaII restriction enzymes and is due to a variable number of repeat units which form the VTR region at the 3' end of the oncogene. The second polymorphism appears to(More)
This research aims to analyse the sediment capacity to buffer free sulphide release in three coastal lagoons which differ in terms of eutrophication level, tide influence and primary producer communities. A preliminary estimate of soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) regeneration coupled with sulphide fluxes is also made. Sediment profiles of ferrous and(More)
A clone of the human transforming Ha-ras oncogene (pT24-C3) was methylated "in vitro" at its HpaII and HhaI sites and co-transfected with a selectable marker into NIH/3T3 cells. In the resulting colonies the normal or transformed morphology correlated respectively with a methylated or unmethylated status of the Ha-ras 1 promoter. A transfected,(More)
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