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Sixteen patients with transposition of the great arteries, 8 days to 2 1/2 years of age, underwent intra-atrial transposition of venous return by the modified Shumacker technique. A bipedicle flap of right atrial wall was used to direct vena caval return to the mitral valve, and a hinged viable flap of pericardium was used to form the lateral wall of the(More)
In this paper the authors describe in detail the exposure limit values concerning artificial optical radiation due to the main incoherent light sources found in offices. In particular, for some examples of significant sources chosen as case studies, we discuss the results of in situ measurements of the exposure values using a broadband photoradiometer. By(More)
The empty sella results from an extension of the subarachnoid space into an intrasellar position with subsequent remodeling of the sella turcica and the flattening of the pituitary gland. The sella turcica is usually enlarged causing the greatest diagnostic difficulty to distinguish it from a pituitary tumor. The most patients with this syndrome usually(More)
Stated that the alimentary inconguities, the improper mastication and the quickly eaten of foods are to avoid for the direct irritant effect on the stomach, the authors have examinate the various dietetic treatments, imploied for peptic ulcer and they conclude that only during the acute clinical phase more restrictive regimens are necessary. When the(More)
Twelve patients with ventricular arrhythmias were given 300-900 mg oral of propafenon daily. We have obtained VT's suppression in 6 of 8 cases (75%) and "complex" VEB's suppression or significant reduction in 6 of 10 cases (60%). Total VEB have been strongly reduced (-91,2%) in 7 of 12 patients (58,3%). The effects of Propafenon on electrocardiographic(More)
The purpose of this study has been to establish the role of spermatic cord in the etiopathogenesis of fertility. We describe herein the anatomy and pathology of the spermatic cord and objective method for diagnosing the disorder and evaluating the therapeutic results. The most pathological conditions affecting the cord there was a complete resolution, this(More)