Matteo Carlin

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This work is aimed at reviewing through a detailed analysis the performances, the features, and the limitations of the BCS-based technique when dealing with reference and representative synthesis problems concerned with (a) real excitations and symmetrical patterns as well as (b) shaped-beam sparse arrays (i.e., complex excitations and asymmetrical(More)
In this paper the features and potentialities of real implementations of analytically thinned arrays based on Almost Difference Sets (ADSs) are analyzed. Towards this end, a preliminary numerical analysis is presented to assess the peak sidelobe level (PSL) behavior of analytically designed layouts including mutual coupling effects and possibly damaged(More)
The problem of the estimation of the direction-of-arrival (DoA) of signals has been a long standing problem in electromagnetics and it is still of great interest due to the need to enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency of the proposed methods and deal with more challenging scenarios as well as foster new applications. Standard approaches, such as the(More)
The application of a recently proposed Multi-Stage Quasi-Conformal Transformation Optics (QCTO) approach is considered for the design of metamaterial lenses capable of enhancing radiation properties of conformal arrays. The capability to achieve significantly simplified structures by means of square tile discretization is demonstrated. Selected numerical(More)
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