Matteo Bragieri

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A GC/FID/MS method was developed for the identification and quantification of d-allethrin (DA) and its major impurities in commercial samples. Optimisation of the experimental conditions was carried out considering such important requirements as resolution, reproducibility, detection limits of 0.1% (m/m) for the impurities, and short analysis time. Under(More)
A previous GC/MS study highlighting the impurity profile of the synthetic pesticide d-allethrin is extended here to validate and confirm the impurities identity through the development of soft ionisation HPLC-MS methods. To accomplish this, we developed a reverse phase LC-MS analysis in gradient elution with two distinct soft ionisation techniques, the(More)
A two-dimensional achiral/chiral HPLC method with circular dichroism (CD) detection was optimized for the stereochemical resolution and determination of the elution order of the eight stereoisomers of synthetic allethrin. A monolithic silica HPLC column (Chromolith, Merck, 100 mm x 4.6 mm i.d.) was put orthogonally to an enantioselective OJ Daicel column(More)
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