Matteo Borrotti

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STUDY OBJECTIVES Sleep-related complaints are common in adolescents, but their impact on the rate of motor vehicle crashes accidents is poorly known. We studied subjective sleep quality, driving habits, and self-reported car crashes in high-school adolescents. METHODS Self-administered questionnaires (with items exploring driving habits) were distributed(More)
Collisions between aircraft and birds, birdstrikes, pose a serious threat to aviation safety. The occurrence of these events is influenced by land-uses in the surroundings of airports. Airports located in the same region might have different trends for birdstrike risk, due to differences in the surrounding habitats. Here we developed a quantitative tool(More)
We optimized the heterologous expression of trans-isoprenyl diphosphate synthase (IDS), the key enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of trans-polyisoprene. trans-Polyisoprene is a particularly valuable compound due to its superior stiffness, excellent insulation, and low thermal expansion coefficient. Currently, trans-polyisoprene is mainly produced through(More)
The design of new molecules with desired properties is in general a very difficult problem, involving heavy experimentation with high investment of resources and possible negative impact on the environment. The standard approach consists of iteration among formulation, synthesis, and testing cycles, which is a very long and laborious process. In this paper(More)