Matteo Biancospino

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Myosin VI is critical for cargo trafficking and sorting during early endocytosis and autophagosome maturation, and abnormalities in these processes are linked to cancers, neurodegeneration, deafness, and hypertropic cardiomyopathy. We identify a structured domain in myosin VI, myosin VI ubiquitin-binding domain (MyUb), that binds to ubiquitin chains,(More)
Myosin VI functions in endocytosis and cell motility. Alternative splicing of myosin VI mRNA generates two distinct isoform types, myosin VI(short) and myosin VI(long), which differ in the C-terminal region. Their physiological and pathological roles remain unknown. Here we identified an isoform-specific regulatory helix, named the α2-linker, that defines(More)
Profilin is vital for actin organisation in eukaryotic cells. It controls actin filament formation by binding monomeric actin and numerous proteins involved in polarised actin assembly. Important for the latter is the interaction surface formed by the N- and C-terminal helices, which pack close to each other on one side of the molecule at a distance from(More)
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