Matteo Bertini

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The literature on short-term traffic flow forecasting has undergone great development recently. Many works, describing a wide variety of different approaches, which very often share similar features and ideas, have been published. However, publications presenting new prediction algorithms usually employ different settings, data sets, and performance(More)
Traffic forecasting has recently become a crucial task in the area of intelligent transportation systems, and in particular in the development of traffic management and control. We focus on the simultaneous prediction of the congestion state at multiple lead times and at multiple nodes of a transport network, given historical and recent information. This is(More)
Telecardiology may help confront the growing burden of monitoring the reliability of implantable defibrillators/pacemakers. Herein, we suggest that the evolving capabilities of implanted devices to monitor patients' status (heart rhythm, fluid overload, right ventricular pressure, oximetry, etc.) may imply a shift from strictly device-centered follow-up to(More)
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