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— In this article, we present some results on the application of fuzzy methods to the segmentation of multivariate medical images. We report the results obtained by using the Fuzzy C-mean (FCM) algorithm by J. Bezdek and the method by K. Rose, E. Gurewitz and G. Fox (RGF) based on the Maximum Entropy Principle (MEP) that avoids any a priori assumption on(More)
New technologies and architectures arise in the telecommunications industry in order to cater to the ever growing demands in terms of resource utilization, manageability and user experience. C-RAN and SDN represent two such novel paradigms, both advocating for centralization of a set of resources or control capabilities respectively. The C-RAN architecture(More)
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Inter-cell interference (ICI) is considered as the most critical bottleneck to ubiquitous 4<sup>th</sup> generation cellular access in the mobile long term evolution (LTE). To address the problem, several solutions are under evaluation as part of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), the most promising one being coordinated multipoint joint transmission (CoMP JT). Field(More)
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