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The rapid growth of online investing and virtual investing-related communities (VICs) has a wide-raging impact on research, practice and policy. In this context, this research addresses how information is generated, discussed, and diffused within and across VICs, and how such activities impact market efficiency. Regulators are particularly interested given(More)
We develop a model to analyze the benefits and constraints of process standardization under environmental conditions which demand a high degree of sequential variety. The model shows that the enabling value derived from standardization is an exponential function of the number of services offered and the number of service providers. The model also shows that(More)
Evaluating the impact of Information Technology (IT) spending on firm performance has long been an issue for both managers and researchers. To date most research has focuses on the returns that IT investments can provide to firms and the results for many years showed no impact of IT investment. More recent studies have shown an abnormally positive(More)
Market-dominant firms traditionally have an advantage in growing markets because they operate with larger average plant sizes and are better able to reap the rewards of economies of scale. We present evidence that with information technology (IT), the effect is precisely the opposite: firms with less market power enjoy the benefits in a growing market. The(More)
Measuring the impact of information technology (IT) investment on firm performance is a long standing issue among both information systems (IS) and researchers in other disciplines. Most research to date on the impact of IT spending on firm performance has focused on the returns that IT investments can provide to firms. Initial studies showed no impact of(More)
  • Matt Wimble
  • 2016
BACKGROUND Little is known about how actual use of Internet health-related information is associated with health or health-related behavior. METHODS Using a nationally representative sample of 34,525 from 2012, this study examined the demographics of users of Internet health-related information (users), reports estimates of association with several health(More)
Although research on the economic value of IT has predominantly focused on firm-level impacts, recent studies have begun incorporating industry-level variables to examine their impact on the value a firm obtains from its IT investments. This trend originated in the aim to offer better contextualized explanations for the differences in value firms obtained(More)
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