Matt Ulgherait

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Fragile X syndrome, the most common known monogenic cause of autism, results from the loss of FMR1, a conserved, ubiquitously expressed RNA-binding protein. Recent evidence suggests that Fragile X syndrome and other types of autism are associated with immune system defects. We found that Drosophila melanogaster Fmr1 mutants exhibit increased sensitivity to(More)
Matt Ulgherait,1 Anna Chen,2 Miles K. Oliva,2 Han X. Kim,1,3 Julie C. Canman,3 William W. Ja,4 and Mimi Shirasu-Hiza1,* 1Department of Genetics and Development, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY 10032, USA 2Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, New York, NY 10025, USA 3Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia(More)
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