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The key structural feature in Boceprevir, Merck's new drug treatment for hepatitis C, is the bicyclic [3.1.0]proline moiety "P2". During the discovery and development stages, the P2 fragment was produced by a classical resolution approach. As the drug candidate advanced through clinical trials and approached regulatory approval and commercialization,(More)
AIMS To determine the refractive status and ocular dimensions of a cohort of children at age 10-12 years with birth weight below 1701 g, and also the relation between the neonatal ophthalmic findings and subsequent refractive state. METHODS 293 low birthweight children who had been examined in the neonatal period were assessed at 10-12 years of age. The(More)
AIM To determine the visual functions, at age 10-12 years, of a geographically based cohort of children of birth weight less than 1701 g. The results were compared to a group of children born at full term. METHODS 572 low birthweight (LBW) "low birthweight cohort" children who had been examined in the neonatal period were invited for review at 10-12 years(More)
Multidisciplinary teams are generally viewed as beneficial in the management of the visually impaired child, yet little is known about them. Two teams were studied. Team A had well-defined functions relating to identification of visually impaired children, co-ordination of services and liaison. Team B had a more general aim of sharing information on a range(More)
The authors sampled a range of professionals who deal with visually impaired children to determine how they involve parents in the management of these children. There were 10 peripatetic teachers, eight ophthalmologists, six paediatricians, three social workers, three headmasters of special schools for visually impaired children, and two educational(More)
A justification is offered for using micro-computers and specially-designed programs with severely visually impaired pre-school children. It is argued that this technology optimizes the visual environment for the child and provides immediate feedback about the correctness of his responses to the stimuli displayed on the screen. Some of the problems(More)
(2016). Lianas suppress seedling growth and survival of 14 tree species in a Panamanian tropical forest. Ecology 97: 215-224. (2016). Liana canopy cover mapped throughout a tropical forest with high-fidelity imaging spectroscopy. (2016). Top-down versus bottom-up ecological control in cacao, Theobroma cacao L. Tropical Agriculture, in press. (2016).(More)
BACKGROUND Questionnaires are important tools used to gain information about health and level of function in different domains. AIMS AND METHODS To determine the degree of agreement between questionnaires, administered to parents and teachers, and ophthalmic and psychological examinations in a cohort of 309 low birth weight children (<1701 g) at age 10-13(More)
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