Matt Symonds

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Oligodendrocyte cell migration is required for the development of the nervous system and the repopulation of demyelinated lesions in the adult central nervous system. We have investigated the role of the calcium-dependent adhesion molecules, the cadherins, in oligodendrocyte-astrocyte interaction and oligodendrocyte progenitor migration. Immunostaining(More)
T-lymphocytes routinely traffic from the lymphoid and vascular compartments to the tissues during immune surveillance and inflammatory responses. This egress occurs without compromising endothelial barrier, which is maintained by tight junctions (zonula occludens). We report that T-lymphocytes up-regulate the expression of occludin, a major component of the(More)
Occludin is an integral membrane protein within tight junctions. Previous studies suggest it functions as a sealing element, which promotes barrier in endothelial and epithelial cell layers. Here, we examine the role of occludin in neutrophil chemotaxis, using cyclic occludin peptide antagonists that incorporate a conserved occludin cell adhesion(More)
Dielectric measurements were made on aqueous solutions of native BSA monomers at three concentrations and at about eighty separate frequencies in the range 0.03-800 MHz. All measurements were made at 25 degrees C on solutions of pH = 5.0, this being near the isoelectric point. The analysis shows the presence of a double component beta dispersion at(More)
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