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To compare the pulmonary pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of salmon calcitonin delivered as aqueous droplets, pH 6.6 and pH 4.8 with that of a spray dried powder in healthy volunteers. Spray dried powders (1.6 μm [GSD 2.1]) containing 5% by wt. sCal, 6.25% human serum albumin, 73.55% mannitol and 15% citric acid/sodium citrate were prepared(More)
Rat lung isografts were preserved for 48 hr at 0 degrees C using a simple organ flush technique. After storage alone, isotonic saline flush resulted in significantly raised indices of lipid peroxidation in vitro (Schiff bases and thiobarbituric-acid-reactive material [TBAR]). Lungs flushed with hypertonic citrate (HCA) had significantly less oxidative(More)
Single orthotopic rat lung isografts were carried out in adult male AS rats after 48-hour cold storage (0 degrees C). Grafts were preserved by simple organ flush followed by low-temperature immersion. Hypertonic citrate (HCA) without additives was evaluated as the basic flush solution. In other groups desferrioxamine (an iron chelator), verapamil (a calcium(More)
1. A comparison was made between the pressor responses to angiotensin in rats during different stages of the oestrous cycle, pregnancy, pseudopregnancy and also following oestrogen and progesterone treatment.2. No evidence for an effect of oestrogen on the response to angiotensin was found.3. Pregnancy and pseudopregnancy were found to diminish the pressor(More)