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SUMMARY BuchneraBASE is a bioinformatic research tool for the genome of the symbiotic bacterium Buchnera sp. APS that includes an improved genome annotation, comparative information about related insect symbiont genomes and a complete mapping of metabolic reactions to an Escherichia coli in silico model. The database is designed to accommodate genome-wide(More)
Since the decoding of the Human Genome, techniques from bioinformatics, statistics, and machine learning have been instrumental in uncovering patterns in increasing amounts and types of different data produced by technical profiling technologies applied to clinical samples, animal models, and cellular systems. Yet, progress on unravelling biological(More)
Despite the unprecedented and increasing amount of data, relatively little progress has been made in molecular characterization of mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease. In the area of Parkinson’s research, there is a pressing need to integrate various pieces of information into a meaningful context of presumed disease mechanism(s). Disease ontologies(More)
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